What The Hail?

It’s been one storm after the other here in Bermuda. Even the locals say it’s the worst winter they’ve seen in years. To add some proof, early Wednesday morning, at around 3:45, I heard what sounded like a tremendous rain and lightning storm. As I lay in my bunk the sound got louder, so loud that I thought it might be something other than rain. I got up, went out to the aft cockpit and, sure enough, there was hail the size of large marbles landing on the teak. I’ve seen a lot of weather out here over the years, and in the last month, but never hail.

Yup, I’m still here. In three days it will be one month of durance vile. I’m ready to be anywhere else than here, even in the cold and snow of Jamestown. But, I have a job, the boat needs taking care of, and here I sit until the generator gets fixed and/or the owner decides to get the boat further south. The one thing keeping me going, Bermuda Yacht Service’s wireless Internet access has been down for three days. To get online I have to go ashore and sit outside the Superyacht terminal. Again: waah, waah, waah.

My KIndle died, so I’ve been relying on the Kindle app on my iPhone for reading material, don’t know what I’d do without that.

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