47 Days in BDA

Spirit of Bermuda Arriving in St. George

The lovely schooner Spirit of Bermuda was quite a sight as she sailed in through the Cut into St. George Harbour the other day. It was blowing pretty hard, but the captain and crew arrived in style. Technically the rigs are free standing, but as a backup they are supported by Kevlar shrouds instaled by Alex Wadson, native Bermudian and the founder of Aramid Rigging, which is now Southern Spars/ Rig Pro Newport. The link is to Rig Pros most excellent blog, created by Brian Fisher.

Looking For Elvis is still in Bermuda, but all the systems have been sorted out and we’re good to go whenever the weather allows, which looks like the end of this week. As i’ve said before, I love Bermuda, but every place gets boring when you’re there for this long. We’ve been pummeled by gale after gale, the most recent was yesterday, when we saw about 40 knots out of the southwest. I hunkered down with some movies and books, made sure the batteries and water tanks stayed topped off, and did the occasional check on the mooring lines. Another exciting day.

Atlantic Explorer entering St. George Harbour

As you can see, whenever anything happens in St. George Harbour, I’m all over it. The research vessel Atlantic Explorer arrived on Saturday and left this morning. Another visitor is the Amistad, which arrived from the East Coast on Saturday as well.

One response to “47 Days in BDA

  1. You’ve been there so long you must be going sane!

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