Going Sailing for A While

01BIharborsBlock Island, the self-proclaimed Bermuda of the North.

I’m out of here for a few days, heading to Annapolis to pick up a boat and deliver it to Block Island, then Block Island Race Week on a J/122. One of the advantages to not having a job anymore is the ability to do what I really love; sailing and writing. I’m working on two stories, one for Sailing World, another for Cruising World. I offer up my thanks to the people at both magazines who I worked with for eight years. They’ve welcomed me back to the fold with open arms and I really appreciate their generosity and friendship.

I’m torn about losing my job with yachtworld.com and boats.com. One one hand I really didn’t care for the work, but on the other I was proud that my boss had selected me to work for him. When I was younger I had an affinity for sales, but that seems to have evaporated, replaced by an overwhelming desire to simply be happy at whatever I’m doing. delivering boats and writing works for me. I’m experienced at both, and take great satisfaction in doing them well. As to whether or not that can pay the bills, well we’ll see.

I also enjoy blogging. This is my one hundredth post since I began the blog in early May, and while my readership isn’t huge, it gets stronger every day. Thanks to all of you who read it, and a big thanks to those who’ve commented online or told me face-to-face that you like it. I think I’ll keep posting, searching for things I find interesting, things that piss me off, or just stuff I want to talk about.

I’ll be taking my trusty Sony Vaio laptop with me on the delivery, as well as my digital camera. I’ll be looking for hotspots and updating as often as possible. My goal is to report every day from Block Island Race Week, where I’ll be racing with some old friends and making new ones aboard Pugwash.

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