Conspicuous Consumption

GERMANY YACHT ABRAMOVICHRoman Abramovich’s 557-foot yacht, the Eclipse, is launched in Germany. It is the largest private yacht in the World.

Being a Russian oligarch isn’t easy, unless you toe Putin’s line, which Abramovich seems to have done adroitly. The Eclipse boasts two helicopter landing sites, a submarine, and accommodations for 20 guests. According to England’s Daily Mail, Russia’s richest man (11th richest in the World) has flourished under president Vladimir Putin, with critics saying he used his government ties to take over former state-owned assests and reap the profits for personal use. Outside of Russia, the 41-year-old is known as owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

2 responses to “Conspicuous Consumption

  1. If you could really afford such a yacht… …is that really how you’d spend it? (not me.)

  2. It sure created a lot of jobs for its upkeep….

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