Tribe Comes Home

We had a great trip from Tortola, BVI, to Newport from 9/3-9/13. We squeaked in between hurricanes, enjoyed some gorgeous, starry evenings punctuated with many shooting stars (no moon and no ambient light = many shooting stars). Sammy and Darris were great mates to sail with and, as always, the Gunboat is a terrific boat to deliver. Rain? Stand inside. Spray? Stand inside. Sun? Stand inside.

Captain Darris Witham at the helm.

Sammy the Island Boy considering imminent fatherhood.

Always a welcome sight; Montauk light at sunrise.

The father of all Gunboats, Peter Johnstone, welcoming Tribe home. Tribe was the first Gunboat I ever sailed, and it sealed my fate. I love sailing these boats. They’re fast, fast, fast, safe, and incredibly comfortable. I’ve sailed a bunch of multihulls a ton of miles and have to say that when I win the lottery, Peter will be my second phone call.

Tribe comes home.

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