On The Water For A While

My good friend Dale Tremain (Krusty!) called me about six weeks ago and told me a boat he was sailing on in the St. Barth’s Bucket, the 159-foot sloop Georgia, needed a navigator for the event. I immediately called the captain, secured the gig, and flew to St. Barth’s on 23 March. I haven’t left the boat since, and on Friday I will have been aboard for a month.

The regatta was great, and we finished well (see previous blog posts). But the best part was being asked to stay aboard and help ready the boat for an upcoming charter. After that work period I was asked to stay aboard for the charter as the acting first mate. The charter went well, so I was asked to stay aboard a while longer. Now it looks as if I’ll stay on board for the boat’s future endeavors, which include a circumnavigation of South America (Cape Frigging Horn, Baby!), across the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, etc, etc. To say that I’ve wanted to do this all my life is an understatement.

Georgia has Internet access, so I hope you’ll sail along with me. I plan on blogging as always, taking lots of pictures, and trying to convey what I’m seeing and experiencing. Should be fun.

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