Um, Okay.

To help us all become more aware of how much trash we use and how it affects the environment, some folks have gotten together and built a catamaran out of recycled materials. They’re departing San Francisco this weekend and heading to Sydney, Australia. Lucky for them (in my opinion) they’re stopping at plenty of places in between. I applaud their sincerity. I pray for their safety, and I appreciate the fact that there are  AMVER vessels out there ready, willing, and able to rescue mariners in trouble, and the crew of Plastiki should as well, cause they may need its services. Of course, skeptical pricks like me probably felt the same way about Thor Heyerdahl, too, and he made it.

Check out the Plastiki website, which is slicker than goose shit, and see how they’ve lashed together a couple of bicycles on the stern to generate juice for their batteries.

One response to “Um, Okay.

  1. Five dudes and one cute chick? Hows that going to work?

    Who is suppose to come and save these daft hippies when pop bottle boat falls apart out in the ocean? Will they pay for that?

    Perhaps they should have taken Al Gore with them.

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