Pinned Down in Bermuda

Well, it wasn’t the easiest trip I’ve ever had to the lovely islands of Bermuda, but it wasn’t the hardest, either. We sailed 715 nautical miles, a bit more than we expected, because we weren’t initially planning on stopping. A horrific forecast from Commander’s Weather for strong southerlies south of Bermuda (the big snowstorm everyone got on the East Coast), had us running for cover to Bermuda, a place, as Dave Bieling says, is “located rather conveniently.”

We’ve been here since Thursday, and expect to leave late tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. The forecast for the first night is a tad strong, but we’ll be moving in the right direction. I’ll try to post some pics when I have some better Internet access. Big seas, tow through St. George’s Cut (one engine was down and it was blowing 40- 45 knots) and a magnificent shiner on my right eye from a flailing sheet.

Big Wave

Big Tow. Thanks to Mark and his guys at Bermuda Yacht Services and their tow vessel, Line One, for getting us through the cut into St. George in 40+ knots of windspeed.

What’s a December delivery without a boat bite?

4 responses to “Pinned Down in Bermuda

  1. Looks like rock-star eye makeup. Seriously, you could go play with the Stones. You and Keith Richards’d be a good pair.

  2. Oh jeez…what a souvenir! Ouch.

  3. Nice shiner TB. Keep us updated. Cheers and Merry Christmas. OJ

  4. Nice! Glad you’re safe mate.

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