Back at Work

I just signed on as the captain of the Gunboat 62 Looking For Elvis. I’ve loved the Gunboats since I sailed the first one during the Sailing World Boat of the Year competition, and I couldn’t be happier as the skipper of the last of the four-boat series. Comfortable, fast, and well designed, the Gunboat 62 is everything I want to sail on and run, especially after 4,500 miles of sailing a nice, but not as fast, or light,  a cat.

DSC02111The Looking For Elvis Nav Station

DSC0210512-Meter Worlds are getting ready to go in Newport. Two of the Kiwi’s Plastic Fantastics tune up the day before the Worlds begin.

One response to “Back at Work

  1. Tony, Didn’t know that you where taking over elvis. Give me a call when you get a chance.


    Josh Trout

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