Acapulco Boo-Boo

010This big fella hitched a ride with us for about 18 hours between Nicaragua and Acapulco. It’s a Boobie, which is what I feel like after losing my cell phone in a VW Beetle taxi last night.

We’ve spent a tad over 24 hours in Acapulco, and are leaving for Puerto Vallerta in a few minutes. 400 miles to go, and only 1,100 more after that and this trip will be done. After a month away I’m ready to go home.

Acapulco has been fun, we had a great dinner last night, and somewhere in the two taxis we rode in last night is my beloved iPhone. I had it in a case on my belt, a case with a clip that’s proven untrustworthy in the past, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when my phone turned up missing last night. This morning I erased all the personal info on the phone remotely via MobileMe, a neat feature offered by Apple. In addition to allowing you to erase data remotely, it also backs up all the info on the phone, which will come in handy when I fire up my first-generation iPhone when I get home. Before you fellow Mac addicts e-mail me to tell me I can use the “locate” feature to find my iPhone, please know that only works when the Data feature is turned on, which was turned off on my phone to avoid huge roaming charges.

I’ll update again from our next stop, which should be on Friday or so.

2 responses to “Acapulco Boo-Boo

  1. Hey maties!
    Hope Annie got there, and has bells on! Enjoy the last leg of your journey.

  2. Bummer about the phone T.B..loving the blog 🙂

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