Dolphin, Dolphin. Burning Bright

Dolphins 815 007Dolphins playing on our bow in daylight.

OK, we all know how cool dolphins are, and there’s no denying they shouldn’t be hunted, killed, or forced to spend their lives in small pools entertaining fat tourists with ice-cream cone scum dripping off their fat faces. Anyone who has seen dolphins/porpoises in the wild will agree.

Early this morning, on my midnight to 3 am watch, I was sitting in the helm station of the boat we’re delivering, I was gazing to weather when I noticed a streak in the water heading toward the boat. At the last second it broke off and headed forward. Thanks to the plankton in the water, which glows when excited, their trail looked like something from a Star Trek movie. Bright trails of light.

So, after a few dolphins had made that pass at the steering station I decided they wanted me to see what they were doing up forward. It being dark, and the sea being rambunctious, I did so carefully. It was well worth the journey. As I stood on the catamaran’s trampoline I saw ten dolphins playing; streaking away from our bows, criss-crossing back and forth, trailing streams of excited phosphorescence. They glowed as they swam. leaving bright trails. I stayed there for 30 minutes, entranced by their dance of watery fire. I thanked whatever gods there are for the opportunity to see these dolphins playing, dancing, swimming free in the warm waters off of Costa Rica/Nicaragua.

Those of us who spend our time offshore are treated to things that most people never see. I guess it’s a kind of reward for the privations we endure, and it’s well worth it.

3 responses to “Dolphin, Dolphin. Burning Bright

  1. I agree,Dolphins are to be protected.It is one of the great gifts of venturing off shore. I can’t wait to meet you. Monday or Tuesday the earth will lure you to her again and the mermaid will be patiently awaiting your arrival!! Safe travels , Great picture! I have taken hundreds and never have gotten one so clear. See u Soon Tony for some Tequila!!

  2. I just LOVE dolphins. They taste like chicken!

  3. My daughter says: Magicalness!!…but, how do we know that you’re not a SeaWorld (the blue tank is a give away) heh-heh.
    One of my fav. memories was when we were sailing offshore of Santa Barbara and it seemed 100 dolphins were joining us in their journey south (crisscrossing, playfully showing off their skills at the bow). Thank you for the blog~ I enjoy reading the posts as if I was w/ you.

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