Adios Panama

050A Panamax container ship heading under the Centennial bridge ahead of us.

After an intereseting couple of days we’re leaving Panama, bound for the northern part of Costa Rica and the Marina Papagalo. Panama’s been interesting, to say the least, but we’re quite ready to leave and start our journey north. I’ll post some of the pictures we took of our car tour when we get to Costa Rica.

Slums, poverty, trash-strewn streets, we saw the seamy side of Panama City yesterday, and we bought a few souvenirs for the folks at home, including a beautiful embroidered Mola from a tiny little Indian woman. We also saw the Panamanian White House, close by a tenament, well secured by army and police guards.

While sitting in Bennigan’s last night, we were accosted by a trio of girls from a strip joint called the Cotton Club. They invited us to visit the Club, but, alas, we were under strict orders to behave ourselves, and went to sleep instead.

Our passports have been stamped, we’ve topped of the fuel tanks, and we are outta here.

2 responses to “Adios Panama

  1. I’m not laughing about the strippers,I’m just …If you….I’m gonna…..Annie’s got her gun~!!!Ahy I outta …… Tony???? You best… better… You don’t obey orders and neither does Larry….I got my ticket west and ….

  2. Larbo
    Looks like you guys are having fun.Drop a line and hook a fish.Looking forward to spending some time at the cottage when your voyage is over.

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