In Panama, Safe and Sound

025Sunrise Offshore, Always a Good Thing. Pardon the crooked horizon.

We’re safe (relatively) and sound in Panama, after a seven-day trip from Lauderdale. Highlights include two early-morning stops ny the U.S. Coast Guard, a very low overflight by a DEA P-3C Orion aircraft, dolphins, turtles, and an amazing night of thunderstorms last night. Constant thunder, lightning, breeze, and rain.

We’re tucked in nicely at the Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal after arriving here at around 10:30 this morning. The weather is warm, but cloudy and rainy, but that’s OK, it’s nice to be on land.

002This guy nearly ran us over, until someone arrived on the bridge and changed course.

We’ve seen an awful lot of traffic, especially large ships, but also a fair amount of small vessels, including fishing vessels with no lights. Exciting.

002Donkey is having a relaxing trip. Although he doesn’t stand watches, he does provide us with a great deal of good conversation.

007An example of one of he many squalls we’ve seen in the Western Caribbean.

We’ll be staying in this marina for the day tomorrow, relaxing and staying out of trouble. We won’t be going to Colon, because we don’t want to get killed. We may do a little touristing, but may save that for the Pacific side of the Canal, which, according to the guys we spoke to at the bar (reliable sources, we’re sure) is more expensive, but far safer.

OK, that’s it for now. I’ll be far more erudite tomorrow, after I’ve regrouped a bit, and gotten some sleep. Last night was a trifle trying, and it’s been a long day today. 020“Why aren’t the Interwebs working out here?”

3 responses to “In Panama, Safe and Sound

  1. Yeeeeaaahhhh! So happy to see a pix of my Loves, Larry and Donkey. I hear you keep good company and look forward to meeting up with the boat in Acapulco! Don’t get killed.

  2. Oh, Make sure you wave to me when you enter the canal,they have webcams!!

  3. Why is Andy squinting at the laptop? Are those his glasses on Donkey?

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