Driving the Captain Crazy

FLL-LAX2 008It’s easy. Just take one bottle of Patron Tequila, a few Heinekens, and two fun-seking crewmembers.

Yesterday was our final full day in Lauderdale, and true to form we used it wisely. We worked our butts off, went shopping for the umpteenth time, and did the finishing touches getting the boat ready for sea. Then it all went pear shaped when Larry thought it wise to purchase a bottle of Patron. There I was, sitting in the rental car at around three o’clock, innocently thinking good thoughts when suddenly I was knocked on my beam ends by a tequila squall.

At one point Andy simply abandoned the two of us on the boat and went shopping. The picture above was taken later that evening, when things had gotten completely out of hand. We imagined the conversation with Tami went something like this: “I was hoping Larry and Tony would ge along, but this is ridiculous.”

FLL-LAX2 002But at least we’re eating well.

FLL-LAX2 003A proper goodbye to Fort Lauderdale.

Against his better judgment, Andy is still letting us deliver the boat to Marina Del Rey, and we’re out of here before noon today (Sunday, Aug. 2). Looks like we’ll have a good Northeasterly breeze to get down to Panama. Next check-in will be from Central America.

3 responses to “Driving the Captain Crazy

  1. I feel for Andy. Sounds like
    larry and Tony are bobsie twins and Andy is the babysitter.
    yikes. Watch out, larry sleepwalks. Safe travels knuckleheads.

  2. I don’t feel for any of you people unless you’re sick and I only mean seasick…stop foolin around shopping like it’s Christmas, drinking like sailors, and get sailing….I have plans for Andy. 🙂

  3. Aren’t bribes customary replacement for bail in Latin America? Hope you have cash on board.

    Don’t call me.

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