Halifax Bound

habitatareas_ansanct_91Lots of Water Between Halifax and Newport

I’m off tomorrow morning to deliver the J/105 Jaded from Halifax to Newport. We have a 770-mile drive to Halifax, then a 400-mile sea delivery from Halifax to Newport. Small boat, big trip, good stuff. Don Miller, a long-time sailor man, pro photog, and I are sailing together for the first time, and after a shoot-the-breeze, get to know you session this afternoon, I’m looking forward to the trip, and the company. Don’s a Viet Nam vet who served in the Navy on the gun line off the DMZ on a destroyer and a Cruiser. I look forward to our drive so I can hear the stories and the experiences. Having missed the draft on both ends, but having a lot of friends who served in the Southeast Asian Theater of Operations, and studying the history, I have a lot of respect for those guys, 10 years and more my senior, who served.

So, off we go tomorrow at 0700, a high-speed run northeast in a Toyota Tacoma, black, with big tires, New York plates, and Fisher’s Island stickers. That will confuse the border guards, especially when we present our passports with Rhode Island addresses. I’ve been told not to declare my “weak-ass, Lite-beer swill,” but perhaps I will, just to show my contrary side. I’ve never driven from RI to NS before, nor the entire length of Maine, but I’m kind of looking forward to it. Maybe we can stop and get a lobster-salad sandwich on our way northeast. On a toasted roll. Mmmmmm.

We hope to make Halifax by 7 pm or so, in time for a couple of brews  a burger, and a good night’s sleep before we begin our trek home. I’ll update from NS tomorrow, with some pics from our road trip . TB out.

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