Conspicuous Consumption II

DSC01472This wee beastie lumbered into Narragansett Bay for the fireworks on July Fourth.

The very wealthy seem to be managing this recession rather well, if this yacht is any indication. I’ve done a little research and can’t seem to find what boat this is, but it’s impressive, especially considering it’s carrying a 60-foot sloop and a flotilla of powerboats aboard. I’ve seen it before in Newport, so I would imagine it’s somebody who either likes the area or has business/family ties nearby.

I’ve sailed for my share of wealthy folks, but this yacht seems over the top to me. I would imagine that crew salaries, upkeep, fuel, and dockage run at least a few million a year. The flip side is, of course, that this guy is employing quite a few people like me, who love the sea and love getting paid to be out on it. Time to go get my license so that I can sign on as the skipper of the sailboat aboard the mega yacht.

3 responses to “Conspicuous Consumption II

  1. Tony – Thanks for the nice picture of my boat! Next time I’m in Newport I’ll try and give ya a ring

  2. The boat in the shot is called Le Grande Bleu

    A friend of mine was bale to ID it by sight, he is the captain of another cool “boat”… I did some IT training for him 2-3 years ago…

    Aeneas Hollins

    Any chance it is a small enough world for you two to know each other…?

  3. typo… “bale” = “able”

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