Six Dogs, No Sauce

Our White Fleet Race Committee sent us around the buoys for the second day of Block Island Race Week. We did three four-leg races and it was a pretty good day for us. In the first race we did OK, sixth out of ten, and in the second race we proved that we have boat speed, scoring a third-place finish.The final race of the day saw the class pushing the line hard, with two general recalls before the RC posted a Z-Flag, meaning anyone over early would get a 20-percent penalty. You guessed it. We were the lucky winners of the penalty and started well after the rest of the class. Thanks to some strong tactical calls and some good crew work we managed to claw our way up into sixth by the finish. We stand at sixth-place overall, tied with Christopher Dragon on points, but beating them on countback.

Today we’ll probably see another three races, which means we’ll have completed seven out of a possible 10 races. The weather is still cool and gray, with rain and light wind in the forecast. We actually saw the sun and a few fleeting patches of blue sky late yesterday afternoon. It was reassuring to see that the sun still exists.

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