Around The Island

IMG_1643Pugwash surfing along the Northern end of Block Island

The race committee sent the fleet around the Block for the first day of racing, which was a great call. By the end of the day we were seeing gusts as high as 28 knots. While our result (tenth out of an 11-boat class) it was a great day to shake down the boat and the crew.

We started out on a high note, beaking the casting o the top part of the roller furler, which sent the jib cascading down to the deck. Lucky for us it happened about half an hour before our start, so we were able to get things sorted before the race began. We’ll be sailing sans furler until Wednesday.

We’re still stuck in the same ridiculous weather pattern; rain, northeasterly breeze, cool temperatures and no sun. No break in the weather until Thursday, when a front will pull through. It also looks as though today will be our final day of good breeze, so we expect the race committee to give us the full menu of three races today. Tonight we’ll be hosting the rest of the J/122 fleet for a cocktail party aboard our tender, Tumblehome, which should be fun for all.

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