The incredibly well set-up bridge of Tumblehome, a 90-foor Lyman-Morse-built, Hunt design that’s our home for the week here on Block Island.

The fog’s come in strong here on Block Island tonight, with visibility down to about 50 yards. JP, Crusty, and I are staying aboard Tumblehome for the evening instead of heading to the fleshpots of Block Island, as the rest of the crew is doing tonight. We had a light-air practice this afternoon to get everyone familiar with the J/122. Nice boat, well rigged by Aubie and JP, and ready to go racing. We’ve got some electronics issues, but we hope to get that sorted by tomorrow.

One response to “Tumblehome

  1. Thinking of you all racing around the Block today – some welcome to Summertime! Hi to Crusty, Dave, & Tim from the Vineyard. At the end of this dark and stormy day won’t it be wonderful to Tumblehome! Good luck & send updates.

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