Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery


The Airbus 400M (top), which has been described as a replacement for the venerable, but still viable C-130 Hercules, bears a starting resemblance to the aircraft it hopes to replace. If you can’t beat them, imitate them. I don’t care for Airbus, which is a government-funded entity that competes with companies that aren’t. The latest Airbus issue is the horrific Airbus crash in the Atlantic, to which I’ve referred to in the past, and which now appears to be a result of faulty pitot tubes, which should have been replaced by Airbus prior to the crash.

All aircraft manufacturers are guilty of killing airline passengers through design faults and poor maintenance criteria, but Airbus seems to be on the radar screen lately. Since the Air France crash, other Airbus issues have surfaced, one in a sistership to the Air France flight, one in a sistership to the aircraft Sully Sullenburger miraculously landed in the Hudson River last winter. Karma, as I’ve said before, is a bitch. I also think the Airbus 380 is an abomination, especially in its 853-passenger configuration,which, I’m afraid, will soon be famous for the largest single-aircraft death toll in history.

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