What Are YOU Lookin’ At?

DSC01384Max. Small dog, big attitude. A very good friend.

Two years ago, when Max was about two-and-a-half, he and a six-month-old puppy (his niece) got lost at Fort Adams one night. Ramona searched for them, but they weren’t found until the next morning. Ramona went to the park, and when she drove up, Max came walking out of a stand of trees and stood there until she came nearer. As she approached, he turned around and led her to the still-warm body of the puppy, who had been killed by coyotes sometime during the night. He stayed all night with the puppy, defending her, as best he could, from the coyotes and keeping her from being eaten and dragged away. He is the epitome of a brave dog, and weighs in at all of 20 pounds.

He’s sparing with his tail wags, but is loving and kind. He treats the small children well, and has never nipped or growled at them no matter what outrages they perform. This, my friends, is a dog who shall be ranked among the best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

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