Star Trek Movie

star_trek_poster.jpgGood Movie

I haven’t been to see a movie in a movie theater in a few years, but I promised Beckett I’d take her to the latest Star Trek movie, and she didn’t forget. For a week. So she and I snuck out of the house last Saturday and went across the Jamestown Bridge to the mainland. We bought a bucket (literally) of popcorn, a gallon (literally) of lemonade, two tickets, and went to the movies. We were early, so I was treated to a big dose of what movie theaters are all about these days. Why is it that we pay for tickets and HAVE TO WATCH ADS? It cost me a total of $28 for the tix and the treats, and I had to watch ads before, during, and after the previews.

The movie itself was great, and so loud that it even drowned out the immense amount of noise coming from the move in the next room over, Terminator Salvation. The characters were true to the story, the plot was entertaining, the special effects were cool, and there was just enough insider Trekkie humor to keep the diehards happy. However, I don’t think I’ll be going to the movies again anytime soon. The whole experience isn’t worth the cost. The price, the ads, the 14-year-old who sat directly behind me sneezing and sniffling throughout the show. Gross, all of it. I don’t like crowds to begin with, and sharing a movie with a bunch of people no longer works for me. Sorry Hollywood, but I’ll stick to my big flat-screen TVs, digital cable, iTunes, and NetFlix.

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