The Last of the 44s Retires

COAST GUARD MOTOR LIFEBOAT (FOR RELEASE)On the night of February 12, 1997, this USCG 44-footer was lost, and three of its crew died during a rescue attempt on the Pacific Northwest coast near La Push, Wash.

The last of the United States Coast Guard’s venerable 44301 class was retired last Friday at the USCG station in Chatham, MA. First built in 1963, the 44301s were built of 3/16″ steel, and thanks to nine separate waterproof compartments and their self-righting capabilities, none ever sank. In their 46-year history, thousands of people were rescued by 44301s and even though the USCG has replaced them with a far more capable 47-footer, you can by a surplus 44 for around $65,000 and own a very tough boat. Salvage vessel anyone?

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