Justice Served?

e59b70c4-490d-4665-9ca1-2940371bc5a4widecjpgThis 19-year-old football player from Shenandoah, PA was just acquitted of murder charges by an all-white jury  in the beating death of a 25-year-old Hispanic man. I certainly don’t know the whole story, but I’m glad that MSNBC and other news outlets have picked it up. Hispanic immigrants seem to be the bête noir of talk-show hosts and others these days, much as other immigrants were in days gone by. It may be time for everyone to take a step back and think about who founded this country, and why, and what subsequent waves of immigrants have done to build these United States into what it is today. As far as I’m concerned nobody, but nobody, has the right to decide who should and shouldn’t be here. Nice suit, though.

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