Big Bang

tb_gun-lg-1jpgForget Dirty Harry’s punk-ass .44 Magnum. This is the World’s most powerful handgun, and it fires a .50 caliber bullet. Yoiks. This is a serious handgun for serious shooters, or crazy ass gun freaks who need to shoot down airplanes from their back yards. I’m a gun owner and believe in the right to own firearms, but even I wonder if this might be overkill.  Actually, I’m full of beans. I would love to own this handgun, despite the fact that it costs over $1,000. What a perfect home-defense weapon; fire one round in the air, and anyone with any sense, and knowledge of firearms, will be long gone. Thanks to its weight, which is about 5 lbs. when loaded, the kick isn’t all that bad, as the weight dampens it, which means it’s actually easier to shoot than the .44. Don’t listen to the video with the earphones on and the volume turned up.

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