Beating the Air into Submission

amoy14jpg2Ouch, but everybody’s OK.

If you’re as much of a freak show as I am about aviation you tend to hit sites like Aviation Safety a lot, and that’s where we get reports from the far corners of the globe about “incidents” such as this. The more you look at Aviation Safety, the more you realize that Robinson helicopters crash. All. The. Time. I’m not a huge fan of helicopters, I mean, even the pilots who fly them have a healthy respect for them (USCG pilot quote: “The flight of a helicopter is nothing more than a continuously controlled crash landing”) and understand that they fly poorly once anything, and I mean anything, goes wrong. For some macabre fun, try putting the words “helicopter,” and “crash” together in a YouTube search. I can virtually guarantee you’ll think twice before you set foot in one of those wingless beasts. That being said, one of the more entertaining 15 minutes of my life was spent in a Robinson, driven by “Helicopter Ken.” We took off from a friend’s lawn on South Bellevue, flew over the Island and up the Bay, and chased cars on the Newport Bridge. I had fun, but I was effectively FUI, and was later charged for the fuel. Along with skydiving, it’s not something I plan on doing again, unless, of course, it’s a well maintained corporate bird flown by steely-eyed ex-military types.

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